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One member of the public said the pup panted and dribbled as it struggled to cope in the weather.

The eyewitness said: “I was walking through the town centre and at first sight, I thought it was someone who had collapsed, but as I got nearer, it became clearer it was a dog.

“I advised the owner to get the underbelly and paws of the dog submerged in cool water and then move her into the nearby metro where it was air conditioned.

“I was so angry – such arrogance and ignorance!

“I went into Primark and asked one of the staff if we could get the dog into their door entrance so she could have half a chance of survival.

“With that, the staff member spoke to the manager who was amazing and assisted to get a trolley and load the dog on so the dog could be transported back to the owner’s flat.

“The reason I filmed it was because this needs to be shared to highlight not only how quickly dogs can get to critical stage, but also how many absolute ignorant dog owners exist!

“No dog ever died from missing a walk but many have died being walked in these heats.

“Sadly, this wasn’t an isolated incident – although it was the most severe I have witnessed.”